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f(x)’s song titles in mvs (inspired by x)

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Hi everyone! I’m Elodie (but you can call me Elo (◡‿◡✿) )
Nice to meet y’all!

First of all I’d like to thank every person who decided to follow me. I still can’t believe so many would be enough nice to bear wth this multi fandom blog xD

Here are some blogs I highly recommend.

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Thanks again you guys!



I meant to do this a long time ago, but I had no internet access for quite a long time. Anyways, I reached 1k+ like a year ago. Yes, I didn’t have internet for that long, I was literally dying. I am so grateful to have such loyal followers, like why are you guys following me? Not that I don’t mind of course! Just, thank you so much. I’d like to thank everybody that follows me and everyone that I follow. Thank you for following me and thank you for making my dash absolutely flawless.

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f(x) + Show Champion (130821)

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kpop meme; rainbow (fx pink tape version) requested by jumons

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Leader & Maknae

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